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Prothesis in Permic (and related matters)

A certain type of soundlaw that frequently seems to occur across the Uralic languages is the prothesis of a labial semivowel before “medium-strong” labial vowels. Two clear examples are Samic and Finnic, where this has occurred before the long vowel

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An Accidental Reprise

My recent etymological proposals in the previous post have turned out to not be news after all. Petri Kallio has informed me that essentially identical etymologies for the Finnic words for “aspen” and “horse”, ie. based on a metathesis of

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A Sušpicious Absense

Here’s to resume the topic of sibilant+stop clusters in loanwords into Finnic, previously treated in “Extending a substitution pattern”. This time I’m focusing on clusters involving the bilabial stop /p/. For some reason, clusters of the type /Sp/ were originally

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Laterals and Palatals II: Spirantic Boogaloo

A reply I was writing in the comments to the previous post on laterals and palatals was getting long, and started to require tying in some related issues. So, after some further expansion, y’all’re getting a full post on approaches

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The case of Mansi *ś > *š, part 1

A long-standing mystery of Uralic historical linguistics is a split representation of Proto-Uralic *ś in Mansi. Aside from confusion between *ś and *ć (widespread across the entire Uralic family), there are also two plain sibilant reflexes: *s and *š. What

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Laterals, palatals and more

A recent volume (1/2013) of Acta Linguistica Hungarica sports an interesting article from longtime Ugricist László Honti, “Comments on Uralic historical phonology”. I’m tempted to add some thoughts of my own. (Who knows, maybe I’ll make a habit out of

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The newest chapter in far-reaching comparisons involving Uralic

Appears in the Spring 2013 issue of California Linguistics Notes. A Preliminary Survey of Some Uralic Elements in Costanoan, Esselen, Chimariko and Salinan, by one A. Fournet, proposes the possibility of a relationship of the Uralic languages — especially the

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Mari *a versus *o: some preliminary notes

A little thing that has been vexing me pretty much ever since I first for some fateful reason decided to take a look at Uralic vowel history is the distribution of *a versus *o in Mari. These two Proto-Mari vowels

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Some corollaries of Lehtinen’s Law

Phonemic vowel length occurs in widely across Uralic languages. This, however, is due to various independent developments — for long now, no vowel length is normally reconstructed in Proto-Uralic. Quality distinctions are one common source of length. In particular PU

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Index of old posts

For an outline of this blog’s preliminary run on Tumblr for the time being. (As stated in the introduction here on WordPress, these will probably be mostly imported at some point — we’ll see if I can backdate them or

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