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A Sušpicious Absense

Here’s to resume the topic of sibilant+stop clusters in loanwords into Finnic, previously treated in “Extending a substitution pattern”. This time I’m focusing on clusters involving the bilabial stop /p/. For some reason, clusters of the type /Sp/ were originally


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Laterals and Palatals II: Spirantic Boogaloo

A reply I was writing in the comments to the previous post on laterals and palatals was getting long, and started to require tying in some related issues. So, after some further expansion, y’all’re getting a full post on approaches

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The case of Mansi *ś > *š, part 1

A long-standing mystery of Uralic historical linguistics is a split representation of Proto-Uralic *ś in Mansi. Aside from confusion between *ś and *ć (widespread across the entire Uralic family), there are also two plain sibilant reflexes: *s and *š. What

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