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Notes on Eastern Sami vowel history, part 2

(← Part 1) For initial details: a few complications involving *i and *ë. In the Kola Sami branch (Kildin & Ter Sami), the default reflex of PS *i seems to be /ï/. (I dunno if this is [ɨ] or [ɯ],

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Notes on Eastern Sami vowel history, part 1

Recently I sat down with my copy of J. Lehtiranta’s Proto-Samic dictionary, Yhteissaamelainen sanasto (1989; SUST 200) to work out the development of the vowel systems in the Eastern Samic languages. I do not know if this has been done

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Proto-Yukaghir voiced stops (and their implications)

One of the more popular proposals for external relationships of the Uralic family is the Uralo-Yukaghir hypothesis. By certain measures it might even count as the most popular one. The idea has been around for a long while, but in

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Email works again

Whoops. I noticed that the email alias I had been using on my About page no longer works (and might not have worked for a while). I hope this has not led to too many lost messages. :/

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Career adjustment in progress

Recently I have presented my first “official” conference talk: Palatal unpacking in Finnic, based on an old blog post series. A humble step forward on my ongoing project of swapping the career/hobby statuses of the two fields of research I

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