Studia Uralo-Altaica Online

This Tuesday night, while looking for something else entirely, I’ve accidentally stumbled on another linguistic publication series making the leap online (a few years ago already in fact): University of Szeged’s book series Studia Uralo-Altaica, including also its Supplementum sub-series. I already had a number of these scans through indirect channels, but there are also many items of interest I either did not have yet in digital shape (e.g. László Keresztes’ two-volume Geschichte des mordwinischen Konsonantismus), or which I’ve not gotten acquaintanced with before at all (e.g. most of the Turkological literature).

The UoSz archive unfortunately does not give a single listing on the series’ contents, and the collection volumes have been split into separate articles (including forewords & such) — so for general convenience, here are all the volumes together in a single list:

(last updated 2019-11-21)

Or let’s make it two lists, and keep the Supplementa in their own one:


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One comment on “Studia Uralo-Altaica Online
  1. Sándor Szeverényi says:

    Here you can find all issues of SUA:

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