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Not So Freelance Soon

The countdown has begun: my PhD applications are in, to be followed by grant applications later this year (right now I am employed enough with other work). This will surely call for the long-imminent rebranding of this blog away from

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Etymology squib: riipustaa

I happened today upon a small etymological review article “Lat. scrībere in Germanic“, which argues that this is indeed a loanword rather than a cognate, but a relatively early one, already roughly into Proto-West Germanic. This got me thinking about

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An Old Komi inscription

From A. J. Sjögren’s Die Sürjänen (orig. 1829), more exactly the reprint in his Gesammelte Schriften I (1861, edited by F. J. Wiedemann): I do not have a transcription or any other analysis to offer, alas. For one, while “Old

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The origin of the Finnic long vowels: An outline

Continued from my thesis release post, as is perhaps appropriate now that I finally have wrapped up my graduation as well. To make it a bit more convenient for readers, I provide here an English outline of the specific topics

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