Not So Freelance Soon

The countdown has begun: my PhD applications are in, to be followed by grant applications later this year (right now I am employed enough with other work). This will surely call for the long-imminent rebranding of this blog away from the current title Freelance reconstruction. New title ideas are being brainstormed already.

The project pitch has been simple yet ambitious enough: I’m going to be grappling more with Historical Phonology Hard Mode, i.e. the reconstruction of Uralic vocalism. I don’t think I will be revolutionarizing the field entirely though (a single PhD is too short for that!). Primarily I will be putting together topics to move the reconstruction of Proto-Uralic further away from Finnic, to be tied up in an article thesis; preliminary title: “Innovations in Finnic vocalism“. Blog readers actually will be able to recognize much material along these lines having already been featured on this blog in some incipient form.

There will be also entirely unpublished but already charted-out research coming up, e.g.

  • Some thoughts on the sources of Finnic “primary disharmonic” roots (the type *nila ‘phloem’, *piha ‘yard’, *virka ‘noose’)
  • Some new results on second-syllable vocalism, most of them arguing for a slightly less archaic status for Finnic (cf. some earlier non-Finnic-related comments here and here).
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4 comments on “Not So Freelance Soon
  1. David Marjanović says:

    Yay! Good luck on the grant applications!

    I lament to note that parts 2 and 3, sitting tight in my drafts, may consequently never gain a blog post release

    You can always blog about your papers once they’re out…?

    • j. says:

      You can always blog about your papers once they’re out…?

      Of course, but this would require rewriting the actual drafts I have around pretty much from scratch.

  2. wrongtrainrightplace says:

    Congrats! I look forward to continuing to read your work.

  3. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your ideas on the origin of *i-a vowel sequence.

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