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Bonus Material 2017

A little recap of history: Freelance Reconstruction, the blog you’re currently reading, [1] was originally started as a Tumblr microblog. It turned out though that my blogging style needs a sturdier framework, and for several years now, I’ve been happy

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*je-: A Reprise

Summer’s wrapping up, a new academic year’s about to roll in, and if all goes well, I might be returning to more active blogging around here. I have also returned, about a week ago, from the 12th International Congress for

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Email works again

Whoops. I noticed that the email alias I had been using on my About page no longer works (and might not have worked for a while). I hope this has not led to too many lost messages. :/

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Career adjustment in progress

Recently I have presented my first “official” conference talk: Palatal unpacking in Finnic, based on an old blog post series. A humble step forward on my ongoing project of swapping the career/hobby statuses of the two fields of research I

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Links at last

I’d been long putting off updating from the WordPress default links on here for some reason. But no longer! Gaze at the blog’s sidebar and its gradually growing collection of more or less relevant information from around the web. My

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Index of old posts

For an outline of this blog’s preliminary run on Tumblr for the time being. (As stated in the introduction here on WordPress, these will probably be mostly imported at some point — we’ll see if I can backdate them or

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Old address

Old address This blog got started a while ago on tumblr, shortly before a couple site updates rendered writing longer posts needlessly difficult. Let’s see if WordPress fares any better. I’ll probably be porting drafts over first, older posts later.

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