StarLing errata

For the benefit of anyone else working with the site: this page collects errata for the Tower of Babel project’s database of Uralic etymology, hosted at\data\uralic\uralet.

Substantial critique of the database’s etymological connections themselves is not possible here (this task would amount to re-writing a Uralic etymological dictionary!), so for now I’m only listing clearly erroneously entered data. Similarly, I cite the PU forms as entered in the database, not according to what I believe would be the most accurate reconstructions.

*äktV- (#38): “Estonian” → Sami
*ćokV-mV (#67): “Hungarian” → ? Mansi
*ewkkV (#141): “Udmurt” → Mansi
*järV (#177): “Proto-Samoyed” → Nenets
*jekV (#181): “Mansi” → Khanty
*jotka (#195): “Khanty” → Mansi
*kaŋa-rV (#243): “Proto-Samoyed” → Selkup
*kelke- (#283): descendants not listed!
*kojra (#336): “Enets” → Selkup; Nganasan and actual Enets reflexes missing
*leppV (#484): “Komi” → Mari
*muŋkV (#570): “Khanty” → Hungarian
*na (#589): “Udmurt” → Mansi
*ńila (#633): “Mari” → Mansi
*onśa (#680): “Udmurt” → Mansi
*paŋka (#714): “Mari” → Mansi
*pura (#828): “Proto-Samoyed” → Nenets
*śaδa (#934): descendants not listed!
*śulV (#996): spurious Finnish entry (a single straggling acute accent)
*tüŋe (#1067): “Khanty” → Hungarian
*tiwä (#1071): “Komi” → Khanty
*waća (#1111): “Udmurt” → Mansi
*elV (#1240): “Nenets” → Komi
*kičV (#1325): “Proto-Samoyed” → Nenets
*koske- (#1351): “Udmurt” → Komi
*kEčV (#1372): “Mordvin” → Mari
*luma (#1409): “Mordvin” → Mari
*merV (#1431): descendants not listed!
*śäće (#1562): “Mordvin” → Mari
*šukštV (#1643): “Mari” → Mordvin
*tokta (#1976): “Estonian” → Sami

(Last updated 2022-11-06: added *elV)

3 comments on “StarLing errata
  1. David Marjanović says:

    This is remarkably random. Some of these confusions could be explained if the sources used confusing terms like “Ostyak”, but most couldn’t.

  2. j. says:

    The majority seem to be errors of a type where data meant for language N has been instead entered for language N+1 or N-1.

  3. David Marjanović says:

    Ah, so the exact same error I’m dealing with a lot in my work (substitute “species” or “character” for “language”). *sigh*

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