Freelance Reconstruction is brought to you by J. Pystynen. I’m a Finnish researcher of Uralic and general linguistics mainly from a historical angle; a former longtime hobbyist, currently working on a PhD at University of Helsinki. This blog is my “public research log”.

My current research interests mainly involve historical phonology, with a side helping of etymology, but other subjects will be coming up occasionally as well, e.g. phonological typology and research history.

Time and my knowledge permitting, I’m always interested in discussing historical linguistics and other matters I may cover here. Comments on my blog or thru other channels are welcome!

Besides here, you can also find me on academia.edu, my more casual / popular-scientific linguistics blog at possessivesuffix@tumblr, and my academic Twitter account at @JLingPystynen. My email address is ‹ɟ∪ħ∅·ρу§†ソɳ∈ⁿⒶ♄€ɬѕıℕᴋ¡·ƒ1› (but ascii-ized).

3 comments on “About
  1. gaurav lele says:

    J Pystynen do u wish to contribute for Brown-pundits as an author on linguistics?
    I checked your blog and found it fantastic.
    Or maybe chat on the Brown-pundits podcast

    • sansdomino says:

      Hi & thanks for asking! but probably not, seeing how I am not an Indologist (neither brown nor a pundit, for that matter), just a linguist passing by your group blog. Beyond my own field, my knowledge of India starts dropping off fast. There would be also certainly be people better versed in Indo-European if you’re interested in understanding the details of the linguistic arguments for locating PIE. [Context for other readers: I’ve left some longish comments on this post about the Out of India theory at the group blog Brown Pundits.]

  2. gaurav lele says:

    sure as per ur preference – but we are frankly all amateurs and I think someone like you could really contribute if not to PIE question in general but Linguistics in particular.
    It may not be related to AIT/OIT or indology; We would even love anything related to Uralic languages – the name is Brownpundits – but we like to cover and discuss anything that interests us – from Aryans to Denisovans.

    But ofcourse if you would not want thats fine – but do post comments like you did on the blog if and when you get the time

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