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Extending a substitution pattern

In relatively new loans into Finnish (for the last 1500 years, at least; AFAIK similarly in most other Uralic languages), *s+stop clusters are uniformly retained medially (piispa “bishop”, masto “mast”, viski “whisk(e)y”) and simplified to the stop initially (piikki “spike”,

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Reassessing Proto-Mansi *ü

I find the development of *ü in Mansi fairly strange. This vowel is supposedly retained from Proto-Uralic in Proto-Mansi (e.g. *künčə → *künš “nail”) — but would after that only have been retained in Southern Mansi (/künš/), while Core Mansi

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Derivational addenda on *a-ə

Several bits of additional evidence in favor of (or, if you will, additional bits of data explainable by) Aikio’s new model of the Proto-Uralic root type *a-ə seem to be found in word derivation. 1. In the appendix of his

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Beginning to uncover Proto-Uralic allophony?

To get things rolling again: some comments on a new solution to the issue of (some of) the “secondary” e-stems in Finnic. This was presented by Ante Aikio a few weeks ago, in a seminar held by the Finno-Ugrian Society

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Old address

Old address This blog got started a while ago on tumblr, shortly before a couple site updates rendered writing longer posts needlessly difficult. Let’s see if WordPress fares any better. I’ll probably be porting drafts over first, older posts later.

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