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Were there Proto-Samic *š-stems? Some issues of Samic-Finnic chronology

Despite ongoing disputes about the subgrouping of the Uralic family, it is clearly the case that the Finnic and Samic languages have been at least neighbors for several millennia now, exchanging linguistic features and material back and forth. With care,

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Proto-Uralic *ë in Mari

Mari is one of the key languages for the reconstruction of Proto-Uralic *ë, in having a mostly unique reflex *ü > Hill Mari /ü/ ~ Meadow Mari /ü/. The only other known regular source of this vowel correspondence is would-be

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Studia Uralo-Altaica Online

This Tuesday night, while looking for something else entirely, I’ve accidentally stumbled on another linguistic publication series making the leap online (a few years ago already in fact): University of Szeged’s book series Studia Uralo-Altaica, including also its Supplementum sub-series.

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