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*ü > *i, *ü in Samoyedic

I have noted before that Proto-Uralic *ü, whose reconstruction has at times been opposed by various scholars, has never received a truly detailed defense. Arguments contra have never been very detailed either — but one recurring claim has been that

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Primary vs. secondary *ë

I claimed in my post “Two Lemmata” that the reconstruction of Proto-Uralic *ë rests on quite firm ground by now. Regardless, it is still not too rare to see studies which fail to recognize the idea. [1] Apparently the existence

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Depalatalization: common East Uralic after all?

Recently I’ve gotten one project underway to a usable shape: the assembly of a database of Proto-Samoyedic vocabulary. So far this includes the PSmy roots listed in main source on the topic: Janhunen’s Samojedischer Wortschatz (1977, Castreanumin toimitteita 17), their

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